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Westport Swim Club
Buller Electricity Aquatic Centre. Solid Energy Centre
Domett Street
Welcome to Westport Swimming club.   
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Club championships.
A reminder that this Tuesday and the following Tuesday carnival will be the Club Championships , it will run under the same format as carnival but races will be for Club Titles ,


There will be training on Monday and Thursday night this week. Both squads from 5:30-6:30 please. This will be the final two sessions for this season. We will take a 6-8 week break. I would encourage swimmers to visit the pool independently once a week to 'play' during this break. Main thing is the swimmer keeps 'familiar' with the water, no need to swim laps, just enjoy moving in the water with friends. Inflatable days might be a fun time to visit. 😉We might even try and run a water polo social game. 👍🏼

I would also strongly encourage the swimmers play a winter sport or gets some biking or running in🏀🏉🏑🏸🏄🏼⛹🏽🚴🏽🚵🏽🚴🏽🏇⛷🏂. Next season, we will be adding some cross training to our swim routine.

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