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A sport for families and people of all ages. FUN. ADVENTURE. EXPLORATION.EXERCISE.FRESH AIR. COME AND HAVE A GO!
Whangarei Orienteering
WELCOME to this local Orienteering site.
We are a small local group who have been working to get Orienteering back on the "map" in Northland. (pardon the pun). At present we run our own events up here, but remain affiliated to the Northwest Orienteering Club.A new calendar of events has been posted for the 2012 season. . Things start off with the Summer Pathfinding Series, which will be held every Thursday from the 9th of FEB until the 17th March. Then in April we will commence the Off-road Sunday Events.
Through this website we hope to keep you informed with upcoming Events, results and links to other sites.

Often described as "cunning running", Orienteering offers an intellectual challenge in addition to ordinary exercise.It is a sport for everyone regardless of age and experience.
It is a sport that involves finding your way across country with the aid of a map and sometimes a compass. Orienteers follow a course as accurately as possible between control points usually marked by orange and white flags, using their skill in map reading to choose the best route. For more info check out the NZOF webite .
The year is rapidly drawing to close again.Thank you for  all your support at the events again this year. We will be meeting this Sunday,6th Dec, at 10am to discuss and plan the calender for 2016.If anyone is keen to come along,has any suggestions or would like to get more involved( in any capacity) please feel welcome to come along. Contact me on 021412041.
  I would like to thank a few people that have given up their time over the last few years. Huge thanks to Olivia Ford who has been instrumental in fostering and encouraging the Adventure racing teams at Whangarei Girls and Boys High Schools.Often bringing them along on Sundays to the WHO events for navigation /fitness practice. Their Get 2 Go team is off again to Great Barrier Island , to take part in the weeks long challenge. Good luck. But much of their success over the years would not have been possible if it was not for Olivia's passion. ( and the many supportive parent). Olivia is leaving us this year, so wishing you all the best down south.
Also ,thanks to Matt Jeans who is also moving on down the line.Thank you for setting up numerous courses for the club this year.Your experience will be missed.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Keep an eye out on the website for the start of the Urban Pathfinding Series in 2016


This is a joint project between Northtec, Whangerei Orienteering Club,WBHS and WGHS.
You can print the map and info sheet out from the "coaching resource" section above.But they will also be available from the Kensington fitness centre,  local i-site and Stirling sports.
So now you can make your own course, collecting as many controls as you have the time/energy!. So get out have some fun with friends and family, or use it as a training exercise!. Enjoy.


Also check out the NWoC site for events in Auckland.
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