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Featuring push notifications for group alerts, news, online registrations, parental consents, absentee reporting, photo galleries, newsletters and much more.

The Sporty mobile app is powered by the Sporty website content management system. Whenever your sports organisation or school posts an update to the web, it automatically updates the mobile app.

Simply install the Sporty mobile app on your phone and set it to your sports organisation or school. You only need to do this once and it will then remain set to your organisation for you. It's that easy.

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New Zealand


​​​​​​Sporty Game Day App

Team selection and live scoring.

  • Designed for team sports such as Netball, Rugby, Softball, Hockey, & Touch.
  • Built for referees, umpires, coaches & team managers.
  • Secure access (Facebook login or Sporty login required).
  • Automatically displays your playlist of upcoming games.
  • Team selection of players from squads.
  • Game day scoring.
  • Results can publish to the web and update standings tables.
  • Auto-generation of game day match reports, including Red Card / Yellow Card reporting.

If your organisation manages team sports competitions, learn more about what the Sporty Game Day App can do for you. Contact us.